Who Is SA Missionary Judith Carmona And Is She Sending Death Sentencing Hoax Message?

Judith Carmona is a missionary from Chihuahua who has gone viral for spreading a message about the execution of 229 missionaries on Twitter. 

A viral message is trending on Twitter about 229 Christain missionaries, who have been sentenced to death by Afghan Islamic extremists on August 18. 

Social media users warned the world about the execution and requested people to pray for these missionaries. A Twitter user, @JDoming3, said the message was sent by Judith Carmona, a missionary from Chihuahua. 

Who Is Judith Carmona? Meet The Missionary From Chihuawa, SA

Judith Carmona is a viral missionary from Chihuahua who is in South Africa.

According to the current social media thread, she spread a message on Facebook that more than 200 Christain missionaries are going to be executed in Afghanistan on August 18.

The message has gone viral and netizens from all over the world are requesting to pray for these missionaries and their families on social media. 

However, some users claim that the message is a hoax and has no truth in it whatsoever. 

Th source, Judith, could not be traced on Facebook or any other social networking sites, and it’s unsure if she removed her account voluntarily or not. 

Judith Carmona Missionary Hoax & Facebook

Judith Carmona’s viral message has scared the living out of their minds, who think that a mass execution of missionaries is unacceptable. 

As it turns out, the message is a hoax. Twitter user, @FlatheadMama, claimed she researched Carmona and 229 missionaries and the news about their execution dates back to 2017. 

She claimed the news is probably false and requested everyone to check their facts twice before spreading them on social media. @FlatheadMama was correct as a similar message was shared around four years ago, claiming the mass murder of over 200 Christain missionaries.

The message surfaced once again in 2020. 

 As per, the Catholic Information Agency (ACI) corroborated the message and confirmed that Christian missionaries were sentenced to death. Some reports claimed 29 missionaries were sentenced, while some claimed 229 missionaries were sentenced to be executed. 

The same website also claimed the prayer chain has been circulating on the internet for several years. Its origin is linked to a Catholic website in 2007, that spread the same message and the 229 missionaries. 

At last, the website concluded the news is false and completely fake.