Kyla Flagg Missing Update: Details To Know About The Runaway Teen

Explore more about the missing girl Kyla Flagg and updates regarding her case, further in this article. 

Recently, a 14-year-old teen girl named Kyla Flagg has been missing since 15th May 2021, Saturday from Nolan Trail in DeKalb County, Atlanta, Georgia. 

There have been several investigations going on and more is trying to be found regarding this case. 

It is claimed that the young girl had run away from her house for some reason. 

Kyla Flagg Missing Update

The most recent update regarding the case is that investigation and search for Kyla Flagg is going on actively. 

As mentioned, it is known that she ran away fr her house due to some reason which has not been revealed yet. 

Also, the police have not even suspected anybody or any possible place where Kyla could be. 

However, it has been reported that she was last seen in her father’s house in Nolan Trail in DeKalb County, Georgia, United States. 

No more information has been found yet regarding the girl. 

Kyla Flagg Family and Parents

There is not much information regarding Kyla Flagg’s family or parents on the web or media. 

However, there is a bit of information on her father as mentioned above. Still, there is no specific information regarding him available. 

The only fact available is that she was in his house before she disappeared. 

Her family is responsible for registering the complaint of her disappearance. And as the reports say, her parents were certainly divorced. 

Since it is said that she specifically went to her father’s place, it means her parents were living separately. 

Kyla Flagg Age

According to CBS, Kyla Flagg’s age is 14 years old.

However, her exact date of birth or birthday has not been revealed yet. 

Is Kyla Flagg Found?

Kyla Flagg is not found yet. It has been around 3 days since her disappearance on May 15, but she has not been found yet. 

Investigations are going on and there is an active search team looking for her, but no evidence of anything has been found.