CHFI: Is Maureen Holloway Leaving Morning Show? Where Is She Going?

According to rumors, Maureen Hollaway is leaving the Morning Show. What is she going next? Here is everything you need to know.

Maureen Holloway is a well-known radio presenter, comedian, and entertainer.

She has worked in radio for almost thirty years, with her first position being as a boat and traffic reporter for CKFM.

She defines herself as a mother and a person who enjoys laughing. She is also an enthusiastic golfer with the Mediocre Golf Association.

The radio host announces the termination of her CHFI Morning show.

CHFI: Is Maureen Holloway Leaving Morning Show?

On October 1st, 2021, Maureen Holloway announced that she was leaving the CHFI after a five-year tenure.

Meanwhile, the radio host became teary-eyed as she expressed her gratitude to everyone. She did, however, manage to keep her emotions under check.

She has kept everyone guessing as to what she will do next. Her followers are anxiously awaiting the big announcement and hope to see more of her on social media in the coming days.

Maureen Holloway Age: How Old Is She?

The radio presenter, Maureen Holloway’s age, can be estimated to be around 60 years old, judging from her appearance.

However, she herself has not revealed any information on her age.

In addition, she was born and raised in Canada; thus, she is a Canadian national.

Notwithstanding what age she is, she looks absolutely beautiful as ever.

Maureen Holloway Husband And Family

Maureen Holloway has been married to her husband John Mallory for a long time now.

In fact, she and her husband are blessed with a beautiful family, including two grown-up kids named Aidan and Ronan.

Besides, Maureen’s father was a Bay Street player. On the other hand, her mother sadly passed away in 2020 during the lockdown. She also has a sister named Kate Hollaway, who is a political activist and entrepreneur.

She also underwent breast cancer in her early years back in the year 2005. However, she was timely treated with a rare form of cancer and was diagnosed.

Explore Maureen Holloway Salary And Net Worth

The radio presenter Maureen Holloway has not disclosed her exact net worth or salary as of now.

Nevertheless, the normal salary for a Radio show host in Canada is estimated to be around C$ 45,000 to 50,000.

Considering the fact that she is excellent in her professional career it can be assumed that she is well established.

Nonetheless, we will reveal her actual salary and net worth in the future.